Philly Yardens

Why We Exist

Between 1989 and 2005, the price of fruits and vegetables in the US increased by 75 percent. It costs a family of four approximately $2200 more per year to eat a healthy diet than an unhealthy diet (2013, Harvard School of Public Health). The problem is only getting worse, pushing healthy eating out of reach for many residents.

We can do better.

Our Solution

Our solution is the "Philly Yarden: a yard that is converted into a beautiful food producing garden that supports the urban ecosystem.

Benefits of having a Philly Yarden:

  • Easy access to healthy food.
  • Less maintenance and lower cost than a typical ornamental yard.
  • Join a community of people to trade the food you grow and share interests

How do I get a Philly Yarden?

We will set up a food productive garden at your residence for you. Simply contact us to start the process!

We operate on a 'Pay-What-You-Can' sliding scale to ensure that all members of the community can participate in this program. The full cost of installing a Philly Yardens installation (including material cost) will be communicated to you before installation. Our clients are welcomed to contribute as much as they can afford. No prospective clients will be turned down due to an inability to pay.

Work with us

Do you like our mission? We want to hear from you and work with you. You can contact us or subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date.